Women with very little to complain about

Most women in Shanghai do not want a third child and a big pay out if they do.

Three out of four women living in Shanghai would not want a third child if the family planning policy is further relaxed, according to a survey released on Tuesday.

Of 1,061 adult females being questioned, only 2.4 percent said they would certainly like to have a third child, according to the 2018 Shanghai Women Life and Thought Survey.

When asked what they expected from the government to encourage them to have another baby, 31.9 percent said they wanted subsidies to cover the huge expense; 25.2 percent wanted longer maternity leave (currently 128 days) and 10.5 percent wanted extra paternity leave for their husbands (currently10 days).

However, nearly 95 percent of women in Shanghai are happy with their families and nearly 80 percent satisfied with their work. 

The survey was released on Tuesday by Shanghai Women’s Federation and Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.

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