Office thief caught after leaving his phone at the scene

Chen Huizhi
A few days after the company reported the case to the police, the employees found in the office a mobile phone that nobody claimed.
Chen Huizhi

A suspect who allegedly stole from an office in downtown Shanghai got caught by the police after leaving his mobile phone on the scene, police said on Saturday.

The theft took place on an early morning last month in an office building on Fengyang Road, Jing’an District.

An employee reported the case to the police later that morning, and police found that four expensive laptops worth over 40,000 yuan (US$5,900) were gone from the office overnight.

From surveillance cameras inside the building, police found that the suspect sneaked into the office at 2am after the last employee left the office without locking the door.

Office thief caught after leaving his phone at the scene
Jing'an police

After a few days, the company called the police again when they found a mobile phone that nobody in the office claimed and suspected that it belonged to the thief.

With the phone, police soon tracked down to the suspect.

The suspect, a man surnamed Zhang, has allegedly confessed.

Zhang said he sold the four laptops at 2,600 yuan in total to a phone repairman surnamed Wu, and Wu was also caught, police said.

Both Zhang and Wu are now under detention and face the criminal charges of theft and covering profits from crimes, according to the police.

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