Minimum pay rate goes up

Shanghai will raise its minimum pay rate by 60 yuan (US$9) to 2,480 yuan per month in April.

Shanghai will raise its minimum pay rate by 60 yuan (US$9) to 2,480 yuan per month in April, remaining one of the highest in the country.

The minimum pay for part-time workers will also be raised by 1 yuan to 22 yuan per hour, according to Shanghai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.

The adjustment is usually made based on factors including the basic living expenses of low-income families, local prices, economic growth, labor costs in enterprises and average salaries for employees.

In Shanghai, the minimum pay doesn't include social insurance, housing provident funding, overtime pay, as well as other subsidies for working at night, in high temperatures or dangerous conditions, or allowances for transportation or housing.

They city requires that an employee's monthly income should not be less than the minimum standard, even in a probation period or when the enterprise suspends operations.

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