Top 10 named for Jing'an services center

Yang Meiping
District to support companies with favorable policies and resources as it pushes forwards its vision of becoming a global service provider.
Yang Meiping

Ten companies have been named as the first to implement Jing’an District’s plan to build a global human resources service sharing center in the Suzhou Creek area.

They are BIPO, Heidrick & Struggles, FSG, Career International, Talent Spot International, Page Group, 51job, Randstad, CGP and Manpower Group.

David Guo, chairman of Heidrick &Struggles (China), was appointed chief consultant for implementing the plan, part of the district’s vision to become a global service provider.

The district will support the companies with favorable policies and resources, according to Wang Guangrong, director of Jing'an's human resources and social security bureau.

Jing'an is the first district to have a national industrial park characterized by the human resources industry in China. The new plan aims to give full play to its advantages in specialized services to promote the “Shanghai Service” brand.

It plans to gather high-level global human resources organizations or headhunting companies from around the world while fostering local human resources enterprises and helping them expand in domestic and foreign markets.

It will also strive to be the first pilot of an opening-door policy in the human resources service industry in its industrial parks, such as strengthening coordination with city-level authorities to solve bottlenecks in foreign exchange controls and the employment of international students.

The district will explore ways to integrate the strength of human resources companies to provide better services while seeking development as a group.

It will also develop influential international interchange activities, such as international cooperation summits. Having launched several high-end conversations under the “Discussion on Sword in Meiyuan” brand the district is now preparing for a global leadership summit.

It also plans to set up a product display platform and issue regular industrial reports.

To provide high-end and distinctive personnel services, it is to cooperate with colleges and research organizations and set up a college to train leaders who can adapt to international development. The college is expected to launch its first training class in September.

The 4.3-square-kilometer Suzhou Creek area  already has plans to make its east end an innovation zone for financing, its west end a cluster for high-end business and its middle area a model zone for the human resources service industry.

The area has about 300 human resources service organizations, forming a complete industrial chain to meet diversified needs in recruitment, headhunting, talent assessment and training and vocational counselling.

Huang Jing, chairwoman of Shanghai Suzhou Creek Investment Holding Co, said it would try its best to gather the most influential organizations from around the world to make Jing’an an important bridge for Shanghai to connect with the global service network ,a gate for foreign enterprises to enter China and for domestic enterprises to go abroad.

Huang said the company will support renovation of local buildings, upgrading their functions and optimizing local environments, to provide support services. It is estimated there will be 100,000 square meters of office space for the industry in the area.

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