Revised school and work rules under extreme weather in force

Chen Huizhi
The responsive measures to the extreme weather, according to the revised rules, remain the same as before.
Chen Huizhi

Revised rules for the suspension of school and work in extreme weather came into force on Wednesday.

The revisions were made according to the latest rules for announcing red alerts for extreme rain and snow storms.

According to the new standards, an extreme rainstorm is considered to be at least 100 millimeters of rain within an hour or 150 millimeters of rain within six hours. An extreme snowstorm is defined to be more than 10 millimeters of snow within six hours. 

Response measures to extreme weather, according to the revised rules, remain the same.

This means that if a red alert is issued before 10pm and maintained at 10pm or issued between 10pm and 6am the next day, all elementary and middle schools will suspend classes. 

If the alert is issued after 6am that day and before the first class, students who are late for school and fail to go to school won’t be considered to be late or missing school.

If an alert is issued during classes, all outdoor activities should be suspended.

For the working world, when a red alert is issued, apart from government and companies which directly work to ensure functions of the city, companies can temporarily suspend operations.

Staff who fail to get to work on time due to the red alert won't be considered late or missing, have salaries or benefit deducted, be forced to compensate working hours with rest days and holidays, be disciplined or fired.

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