City starts preparations for national census

Ke Jiayun
The Shanghai government says that results of the census, to begin on November 1, will help to set public policies on urban management and civil affairs.
Ke Jiayun

Shanghai began its preparations for the seventh national census on Friday, which will reveal details of the city's population as well as housing conditions.

The city government says the results be used to set medium-term and long-term plans for growth of city's economy and society.

They will also help setting public policies on urban management and civil affairs.

The government has asked all districts and related departments to prepare for the census, including working out scientific solutions, enhancing promotion, using Big Data systems in data collection and risk prevention and control.

The authenticity and accuracy of the data are key to the census, the government said.

Citizens' private information should be protected and kept secret. Sales of personal information are banned and there will be tough punishments for offenders, the government said.

The census, to begin on November 1, will collect data including names, ID numbers, gender, marital status, education and profession, according to the State Council.

China conducts a national population census every 10 years, with the last census in the world's most populous country finding that its population had increased to 1.37 billion.

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