Warning over correct usage of food stock

Hu Min
Shanghai's market watchdog issues a notice on how to handle food ingredients still held in stock due to the epidemic after being procured before the Spring Festival period.
Hu Min

Shanghai's market watchdog has issued a notice on the handling of ingredients held in stock due to the novel coronavirus pneumonia, requiring food businesses to use various means such as direct sales, semi-finished dishes, takeaway food or donations to properly handle materials and ensure safety.

The pneumonia outbreak has been a heavy blow to the city's catering industry, and some businesses have reported a large amount of stock procured before the Spring Festival, the Shanghai Administration for Market Regulation said on Thursday.

Food operators are required to check ingredients and dispose of expired or spoiled food timely, the notice states.

They should undergo harmless treatment or be destroyed, according to the notice.

Food operators can sell unexpired stock of raw food directly, turn them into semi-finished dishes or takeaway food, or donate them to welfare institutions, the notice states.

They are required to mark detailed information of raw food materials if they sell them and information such as producer's name, production time and expiry period if they make them into semi-cooked dishes, the administration said.

If they provide food supply services for take-away meals, they can only supply meals to up to 200 persons each time.

They must obtain a group food delivery license for supply beyond that, the notice says.

Sales of expired or spoiled foods are banned, as is returning them to suppliers, and falsifying production and expiry dates is prohibited, the notice states.

Hefty administrative penalties will be imposed on violators, and serious cases could be handled by the police, the administration said.

The administration is offering rewards for tip-off calls made to 12315. 

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