Shanghai's fire prevention regulation revised

Chen Huizhi
Responsibilities of property management firms handling residential complexes in fire prevention are specified for the first time as legislature passes revised regulation.
Chen Huizhi

A revised fire prevention regulation was passed by the city’s legislature on Thursday, aiming to enhance safety of public places and residential quarters.

The revised regulation for the first time specifies the responsibilities of property management firms in fire prevention.

When taking over residential complexes, such firms are supposed to inspect the condition of all fire equipment and inform the residents' committee. Where there is no residents' committee, all residents have the right to the information.

Firms should create a set of rules for fire prevention and a rescue plan in the residential complexes they serve, regularly check fire equipment and signs and organize fire drills. They are also authorized to stop residents who violate fire prevention rules and report cases to the fire authorities.

Property management firms which fail to keep fire prevention logs could be fined up to 2,000 yuan (US$280), and those failing to put fire safety signs within residential complexes could be fined up to 50,000 yuan.

Property owners or entrusted management firms of "crowded places" and highrise public buildings should also form teams of firefighting volunteers and ensure equipment and duty rooms, according to the regulation.

Shanghai, according to the regulation, will also push forward construction of the Internet of Things in fire prevention and enable distance monitoring of fire safety.

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