Official gives go-ahead to remove masks at local parks

Hu Min
It's okay to take off your mask as long as no one else is nearby, says one city health official, but other public health recommendations are still in effect.
Hu Min

People are permitted to take off their masks at parks and other outdoor areas as long as no crowds are nearby, a local health official told a press conference on Friday. 

Visitors are still reminded to avoid peak periods when visiting city parks, said Wu Liming, director of the Shanghai Health Promotion Center. 

Diners should pick seats with good ventilation at restaurants and keep their distance from others when queuing to order food or make payment, said Wu. 

They should not chat or touch their mobile phones when having meals, and use one set of chopsticks to take food from communal dishes and another set to eat with, said Wu. 

Electronic payment is recommended instead of cash, Wu said. 

People are advised to make shopping lists before they visit supermarkets to limit their time inside, according to Wu. 

When doing sports or exercising, people are encouraged to visit outdoor venues with few visitors and use clean towels to wipe off sweat.

People are also advised to make reservations before visits to barber shops to avoid waiting, said Wu. 

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