Metro groper sentenced to five months of detention

Ke Jiayun
In the second local conviction of its kind, a man who touched a female Metro passenger's butt and waist last December has been found guilty of molestation.
Ke Jiayun

A man who touched a female passenger's buttocks and waist with his hands and penis on a Metro train was sentenced to five months' detention for molestation, the Shanghai Railway Transport Court ruled in an online hearing on Tuesday.

According to the court, on December 20, a woman named Wei was riding a Metro train and felt her butt touched by a man standing near her. As the train was crowded, Wei at first thought the touching was accidental, said the court.

However, after several stops, the man surnamed Zhu continued to use his hands and penis to touch Wei's butt and waist.

Wei tried to stop him by grabbing his left hand. Zhu then put his right hand into Wei's pants to assault her further, the court heard.

Wei yelled loudly at Zhu and called for the police. Zhu was eventually taken to a police station after the train stopped.

This is the city's second molestation conviction related to a Metro groper. In October last year, a man who touched the breasts of two females, including a minor, on a Metro train was sentenced to six months in jail.

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