Tourist attractions reopen with precautions

Hu Min
Just ahead of the extended Labor Day holiday, most of Shanghai's top-level attractions are back in business under new crowd-control measures from authorities.
Hu Min

A total of 84 A-level tourist attractions in Shanghai, or 83 percent of the local total, have reopened or partially reopened, the Shanghai Culture and Tourism Administration said on Tuesday. 

In addition, nearly 5,200 hotels across the city have resumed normal operations. 

Tourist attractions in the city that have reopened are ordered to keep visitors below 30 percent of daily capacity to prevent mass gathering amid the coronavirus pandemic, the administration said. 

Tourist attractions have been required to keep their indoor venues closed. 

The pleasant spring weather and extension of the Labor Day holiday are expected to spur the recreation demands of residents and tourists, the administration said.

Operators of scenic spots should guide visitors to avoid crowding at entrances, key sites, narrow road sections and other areas, the administration has ordered.

Operators of tourist attractions have also been ordered to enhance safety patrols and remind tourists to keep their distance during tours.

They should also release real-time traffic figures for reference to tourists. 

They are required to use online tools for reservations and register visitor information like ID numbers and contacts. Visitors should be informed of admission reservation systems in advance.

They should turn away visitors with poor health conditions, guide them to temporary quarantine spots and inform health authorities immediately in such cases, the administration said.

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