Health experts share experience with Mexican peers

Wu Ruofan
Until a vaccine is available, early detection and prevention measures such as social distancing and wearing masks are key to controlling the spread of COVID-19, say local doctors.
Wu Ruofan

During an online meeting on Wednesday, Dr Wu Fan and Dr Zhang Wenhong, both leading experts from Shanghai's COVID-19 medical team, communicated with their counterparts in Mexico.

“As there’s no effective medicine or vaccine yet, the best way to curb the spread of the virus is to take good prevention and control measures,” said Zhang.

He explained that China’s vaccine research is currently under second-phase clinical trials, while research in the US is under the third phase.

He also predicted that a vaccine may be available by next March, but its effectiveness will have to be proven.

Health experts share experience with Mexican peers
Ti Gong

Dr Wu Fan, associate dean of Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University, is a member of Shanghai's COVID-19 prevention and control team.

Wu emphasized the importance of an efficient governmental body responsible for emergency control and deployment of personnel.

She stressed the significance of early detection and epidemiological investigations as well as support from the general public.

Moreover, wearing masks and social distancing are still necessary. Massive testing for high-risk groups is also needed.

Mexico has reported 26,025 confirmed cases so far, along with 2,507 fatalities.

According to local medical authorities, Mexico is currently capable of handling severe cases, but might face a shortage of ICU beds soon.

When asked about the treatment of mild cases in cabin hospitals in China, Zhang said patients were provided with essential nutrition and their vital signs were closely monitored, such as blood oxygen concentration.

According to Zhang, patients with blood oxygen saturation above 93 percent without oxygen therapy don’t have to be put under intensive care.

Health experts share experience with Mexican peers
Ti Gong

Dr Zhang Wenhong, director of the Department of Infectious Disease at Huashan Hospital, is also head of Shanghai's COVID-19 treatment team.

The online meeting was held jointly by the Chinese embassy in Mexico and the Shanghai Foreign Affairs Office.

“The novel coronavirus has caused great health risks globally, including to our Latin American friends. China has accumulated valuable experience, which we would like to share,” said Bei Zhaojian, deputy director of the Shanghai Foreign Affairs Office.

“Thanks to the support from the Chinese embassy in Mexico and Shanghai Foreign Affairs Office, we can gain experience from China to combat the virus. Shanghai has shown us how to react as a megacity,” said Martha Delgado Peralta, vice foreign minister of Mexico.

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