Forecasters predict scorching flood season

Wu Ruofan
After an unseasonably warm winter, authorities expect the summer flood season to be a hot one with plenty of heavy rain and thunderstorms.
Wu Ruofan

Heavy rains and strong typhoons, along with more scorching days, are expected during flood season this year, the city’s flood prevention office said on Wednesday.

The season, which is due in less than a month, is predicted to be under strong convective influence, bringing dense precipitation and thunderstorms.

A belated but longer summer rainy season is on the way compared with typical years, with rain predicted from 190 to 310 millimeters.

Last year saw the city’s longest and most rainy summer season of the century, with a duration of 33 days and precipitation twice the normal level.

The city also experienced the warmest winter in the past 100 years, with an average temperature of 8.9 degrees Celsius, 2.8 degrees higher than normal. It was also the first winter on record without a day under zero degree Celsius.

Four typhoons hit the city last summer, including super typhoons Lingling and Lekima. Authorities expect two or three typhoons heading north this year.

Eleven to 21 days over 35 degrees Celsius are expected this year, slightly more than normal.

To prepare for the rainstorms ahead, the city’s flood prevention bureau has inspected drainage systems in Yangpu and Hongkou districts and taken precautions including emergency support.

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