Schools' summer vacation dates announced

Yang Meiping
Shanghai's education commission announces separate dates for the commencement of the summer holidays this year following the lengthy closures due to the pandemic.
Yang Meiping

Shanghai’s education commission had announced this year’s summer vacation dates for local students.

The vacation will start on July 1 for primary school students, July 8 for middle school students and July 15 for high school students.

Usually, all students start their summer vacation on July 1.

Local schools remained closed after the winter vacation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The first batch of students – the ninth and 12th graders who will graduate soon – returned on April 27 and the second batch – eighth and 11th graders – returned on May 6. The third batch, of fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and 10th graders, returned on Monday and the final batch, of first to third graders, will return on June 2.

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