Early-age training centers can reopen next month

Yang Meiping
Authorities have given the go-ahead for nurseries and child education centers to resume operations on June 2. Reopening plans must include preventive measures and supplies.
Yang Meiping

Indoor child and infant training centers will be allowed to reopen from June 2, except in confined spaces, Shanghai’s education authority said on Monday.

Service providers are asked to make reopening plans which include virus preventive supplies, facilities and measures according to the characteristics of children they serve and organize training and drills for personnel.

They must get approval from administrations and have their pandemic prevention measures and facilities inspected before reopening.

All early-childhood training organizations and nurseries in the city suspended offline operations from January 23 amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Organizations are allowed to resume offline training for adults, except in confined spaces, and outdoor activities for adolescents on Monday.

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