Thousands from overseas quarantined in city

Hu Min
Authorities announce the many successful measures taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Shanghai and ensure the safety of the city's residents.
Hu Min

Shanghai had quarantined more than 110,000 people arriving from overseas as of May 17 under a "closed-loop" management mechanism, the Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Prevention said on Monday.

The city has reported 326 imported cases of COVID-19 so far with the first reported on March 5, according to the center.

Meanwhile, about 60,000 people in the city had completed nucleic acid tests requested by enterprises and individuals as of May 15 with no one testing positive, Shanghai's health commission announced.

The city made tests available for companies on April 9 to support them getting back to work and allowed individuals to take tests on April 22, the commission said.

Meanwhile, about 11 million people had undergone health checks, examinations and transfers at checkpoints to Shanghai over COVID-19, the commission said.

These checks were conducted by nearly 30,000 community medical workers working day and night, said Wu Qianyu, counsel of the commission.

“The community is a key battlefield in the prevention and control of COVID-19 and Shanghai's community medical workers represented by family doctors have played an important role," Wu told a press conference ahead of the 10th World Family Doctor Day on Tuesday.

"They have participated in a number of works such as screening people from key regions, medical observation, temperature measurement at checkpoints, health promotion and training," said Wu.

"Family doctors are the 'gate keeper' of residents health," Wu said.

Shanghai's family doctors have signed with over 7.7 million people in the city since 2015, among whom more than 4 million are over 60, according to the commission, including nearly 90 percent of the city’s senior citizens with physical disabilities.

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