Pudong joins city's efforts against food waste

Li Qian
The area is introducing food redistribution sites, while also encouraging schools and restaurants to cut down on food waste.
Li Qian

The Pudong New Area will establish 25 “food circulation sites” during a citywide campaign against food waste.

Under the food bank-like practice, individuals, families and supermarkets are encouraged to bring spare, unconsumed food to these sites instead of throwing them into garbage bins. These sites will process the food and redistribute items which are still safe for consumption.

“Social workers in neighborhoods will help us find those who really need the food. This can avoid food waste as much as possible,” said Lu Xia, director of the civilization creation department of Pudong.

Pudong’s 500,000 students are also encouraged to use these sites if they can’t finish their meals which are not touched, she said.

Eateries are encouraged to take part in the campaign by posting slogans and offering half-portion or smaller dishes. Diners are encouraged to take leftovers home, which may bring them discounts and other rewards.

In the River Mall at the former Expo site, several restaurants have started offering one-person meals and separate dining.

“We will tell diners not to order too much and our one-person meals have been quite popular after the novel coronavirus outbreak as people are paying increasing attention to food safety. They cost just 59 yuan (US$8.50) and are enough for one person,” said Bao Yongbao, store manager of the By Faigo Hot Pot.

According to Lu, authorities are seeking cooperation with popular food delivery platforms Meituan Dianping and Ele.me to encourage local eateries to offer more alternatives, such as one-person and two-person meals.

“Maybe we can even offer food by gram,” Lu said.

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