Shower nozzles, faucets fail quality checks

Hu Min
Shanghai's market watchdog demands immediate stop to sales and refunds for customers after checks reveal problems with a fifth of batches it checked sold on online platforms. 
Hu Min
Shower nozzles, faucets fail quality checks
Ti Gong

A substandard shower nozzle and faucets.

Nearly a fifth of shower nozzles and faucets checked by the city's market watchdog failed quality tests with some posing safety hazards, authorities said on Tuesday.

The Shanghai Administration for Market Regulation checked 50 batches of nozzles and faucets sold on three online platforms and found eight batches substandard.

Faucets branded "Submarine" sold on Tmall was found to have excessive leakage of lead, posing a safety hazard, it said. 

Four batches failed for their resistance to corrosion.

A batch of faucets produced by Guangdong Chaoyang Sanitary Ware Co and sold on were also on the list, the administration said.

Two batches of shower nozzles including one branded Mejue and sold on failed for substandard anti-siphon properties, which will lead to water pollution, according to the administration.

The businesses involved have been ordered to suspend sales of substandard products immediately, clear stocks and refund consumers who have bought substandard products, the administration said.

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