Official proposes more accessible pedestrian overpasses

Chen Huizhi
Most of the city's pedestrian overpasses don't have elevators or escalators.
Chen Huizhi

Most of the pedestrian overpasses in Shanghai don’t have elevators or escalators, an inconvenience for elderly people and the disabled, said a deputy to the Shanghai People’s Congress.

The deputy, Lin Yinmao, is a former director of Shanghai People’s Congress' legislation commission.

There are 184 pedestrian overpasses in the city, but only 41 of them have elevators or escalators.

The oldest pedestrian overpass in Shanghai was built in the 1980s, but most went up after 2000.

For the convenience of seniors and the disabled, Lin suggested overhauling the overpass network.

Even where it isn't possible to add elevators or escalators, authorities could paint zebra crossings beneath overpasses or reconfigure bridges, she said.

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