Residents 'mostly satisfied' with city's garbage-sorting system

Hu Min
Some hospitals, colleges and public hubs need to improve their waste-sorting standards.
Hu Min

Shanghai's citizens are mostly satisfied with the city's garbage-sorting system, while a few hospitals, colleges and public hubs still need to make improvements, authorities announced on Thursday. 

All districts in the city reached "excellent" in terms of their waste-sorting performance in the first half of this year, with Yangpu, Jiading and Chongming districts the top three, according to Shanghai Greenery and Public Sanitation Bureau. 

Fengxian District, Huangpu District and the Pudong New Area were at the bottom. 

All subdistricts and towns in the city received "excellent" scores, with Xinhai Town, Xincun Village and Xinjiangwancheng Subdistrict ranked at the top, and Dapuqiao Subdistrict, Nanqiao Town and Jinhai Subdistrict at the bottom. 

More than 98 percent of 143,200 respondents in the city were satisfied with the city's garbage-sorting efforts.

The assessment in the first half of this year listed public areas and public institutions exclusively as they lagged behind in the city's garbage-sorting campaign.

Zhongshan Hospital, Shanghai No. 5 People's Hospital and Children's Hospital of Fudan University, Shanghai South Railway Station and Hongqiao Railway Station, Shanghai Xingwei College, Shanghai Minyuan Vocational College and ShanghaiTech University should improve their garbage-sorting performance based on assessment results, according to the bureau. 

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