All Shanghai Metro stations to have cardiac arrest defibrillators

Chen Huizhi
AEDs will enable quicker on-site medical help and staff at all stations will be trained in their use.
Chen Huizhi

Automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) will be available at all Metro stations in Shanghai by the end of this year, the Metro operator said on Wednesday.

The AED is an easy-to-use medical device that is used to help or revive people experiencing sudden cardiac arrest.

So far, 21 Metro stations on 11 lines in Shanghai have 74 AEDs.

Research has found that people who experience cardiac arrest will suffer permanent brain damage if the attack lasts more than four minutes.

The AED equipment installed in the city's Metro stations will enable quicker medical help for passengers who suffer cardiac arrest, Shanghai Metro said.

The first AEDs were installed at the city's Metro stations in 2015.

A passenger who has benefited from the device was a man who suffered cardiac arrest while riding a Metro Line 9 train on the morning of June 12, 2017.

With the help of a female passenger who had medical experience and was qualified in first aid, Century Avenue Station staff applied the AED to revive the man.

Shanghai Metro said it will start to train staff at all Metro stations in the use of the AEDs.

Shanghai has the largest Metro network in the world, with 460 stations.

National statistics show that 550,000 people die of sudden cardiac arrest in China each year, or 1,500 people every day.

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