Belt up! City's traffic police crack down on bus passenger safety

Chen Huizhi
1,100 tourist and company worker bus riders found not wearing safety belts in Shanghai campaign.
Chen Huizhi
Belt up! City's traffic police crack down on bus passenger safety
Ti Gong

A traffic police officer fines a tourist bus passenger for not wearing his safety belt on Wednesday morning.

Over 1,100 tourist and company bus passengers have been discovered not wearing safety belts since mid-April this year, Shanghai traffic police said on Wednesday.

The police are on a campaign to intensively crack down on traffic offenses which contribute to heavy injuries and deaths in road accidents.

Areas and streets with a large number of passing tourist buses were targeted in the campaign, including major tourist bus stations and several off-ramps of Yan'an Road E. elevated road.

A law enforcement action was carried out at the off-ramp of Humin Elevated Road to Xinzhuang on Wednesday morning.

On a bus which set out from Yangpu District carrying workers of a company in Songjiang District, police found a woman in a first-row seat and a man in the back not wearing safety belts and fined them 50 yuan (US$7.7) each.

The driver of the bus claimed that he had reminded the passengers to buckle up their safety belts.

No tourist bus passengers were caught on the offense on Wednesday morning.

One of the tourist bus drivers said staff at bus stations made sure that all passengers had their safety belts on before the bus set off.

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