Pudong competes nationwide to become model of a 'national civilized city'

Li Qian
District pulls out all stops against more than 100 cities and districts around China to win honor that will be bestowed on only 15 candidates.
Li Qian

Not to be outdone, Pudong, always a pioneer, has come up with a set of measures to become a model of "national civilized cities."

More than 100 cities and districts around China are competing to become the first models of "national civilized cities," an honor recognizing local urban governance, social security, public services and other aspects.

But no more than 15 candidates can receive the honor.

Pudong, at the forefront of reform and opening-up, is representing Shanghai in the competition. It has rolled out a set of measures aiming to drive innovation development, cultural promotion and more.

Taking innovation development as an example, it expects to motivate local scientists and entrepreneurs to join hands for new breakthroughs.

"As an innovative firm, we will work with the city on a series of strategies for the prevention and control of major diseases to do our bit for the vision of Healthy China 2030," Chen Li, CEO of Hua Medicine (Shanghai), said.

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