Xuhui sets up a separate division to deal with crimes against minors

Zhu Yuting
In a first for Shanghai, the public security bureau and the procuratorate in Xuhui District have set up a special cell and will jointly investigate crimes against minors.
Zhu Yuting

The prosecutors and police officers in Xuhui District have launched a special office for minors' protection, with the goal of cracking down on crimes against minors.

This is the first such office in Shanghai where both the public security bureau and the procuratorate are involved.

The office will take steps to ensure that minors are fully protected with timely intervention, joint consultations, and the dispatch of special officers to handle juvenile cases.

For the first time, Xuhui prosecutors will be involved in filing cases involving minors.

They will, for example, arrive at crime scenes as soon as police officers do. In the case of adolescent victims, they will participate in evidence collection and inquiries to ensure that the minors can communicate with ease.

Last year, the prosecutors signed an agreement with the local public security organ, the Women's Federation, and the International Peace Maternity & Child Health Hospital of China welfare institute to collect evidence in cases of sexual assault on minors.

To protect the minors' privacy, the evidence collection work will be completed in one go.

It means that all the investigation work will be done in one location.

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