Opinions and thoughts on working with COVID-19

Ke Jiayun
With Shanghai stopping mandatory COVID-19 testing, how are employers and employees handling positive cases in the workplace, a local CPPCC member shared his thoughts.
Ke Jiayun

Shot by Ke Jiayun. Edited by Ke Jiayun. Subtitles by Ke Jiayun.

With COVID-19 restrictions lifted and mandatory testing stopped, Shanghai has seen a rise in cases. But how does that affect the workplace, and should companies be able to ask employees to come in when they are infected with COVID-19?

Although COVID-19 has been downgraded from a Class A infectious disease to Class B, it's still an infectious disease. It's not the "great flu" everyone thought it was.

The current Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases requires that both employers and workers have obligations for the prevention and treatment of Class B infectious diseases.

The nation's labor law stipulates that if an employee is sick and needs to be treated, the company should give him sick leave with corresponding pay.

We interviewed a political adviser at the two sessions, about his thoughts on the issue.

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