Brands sever ties as actor Li Yifeng detained for soliciting

Wang Xiang
Sponsors have severed ties with Chinese singer-actor Li Yifeng after he was detained for soliciting and admitted to dealing with prostitutes multiple times.
Wang Xiang

Sponsors, including fashion house Prada and luxury watch manufacturer Panerai, have severed ties with Chinese artiste Li Yifeng after he was detained for soliciting.

Beijing police said that Li, a popular singer and actor, has been detained for soliciting prostitutes multiple times. The 35-year-old has admitted to the crime, police added.

Claims about Li's detention began circulating online on Saturday when a scheduled show on China Central Television's Mid-Autumn Festival gala was abruptly canceled.

Li posted on Weibo the same day dismissing the claims as "pure rumors" and threatened to sue the "rumor spreaders."

A total of a dozen brands ended their contract with Li yesterday, including international brands like Prada and Panerai, in the aftermath of the prostitution scandal.

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