Qian Tong

Feature Reporter

Social federation turns 2

The Federation of Social Organizations in Putuo's Changshou sub-district is the first such federation at sub-district level in Shanghai.

Charity foundation helps children with serious diseases to fulfill their wishes

Charity foundation Make-A-Wish celebrated its first anniversary in Shanghai, helping nearly 30 children with serious diseases to fulfill their wishes.

Brookings Institution ranks Chengdu 3rd place in Global Metro Monitor 2018

Chengdu ranks third in the world and first in all Chinese metropolises on the Global Metro Monitor 2018 List recently released by America's most influential think tank.

Savor grapes, 60 species of them, at this festival

Shanghai Malu Grape Festival kicked off in Jiading, providing various activities for visitors. Consumers can buy 60 species of grapes, including the Shine-Muscat.

Chengdu becomes second-tier global city in China

Chengdu is ranked as a second-tier global city in the 2018 International City Development Report recently released by the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.
Art & Culture

Sichuan holds exhibition on ancient Shu Civilization in Mexico

Sichuan held a special exhibition on ancient Shu Civilization and a dialogue between the ancient Shu Civilization and Maya Civilization in Mexico.

Snacking time with opening of bazaar's first phase

The first phase of Maoqiao Bazaar will open to public in the first half of the year, according to a press conference by Huating Town in Jiading District.

Binjiang introduces new plan to stay ahead of the competition

Binjiang District has launched its third "1+X" industry support policy to maintain its edge in attracting the best in business and talent.


Binjiang Party chief outlines new vision for economy business

District Party chief Zhan Min explains the new "1+X" industry-support policy system – the district's third – to Shanghai Daily. 

Chengdu on the road to become a global city

Chengdu has embarked on an ambitious plan to develop itself into a global city of culture, history, economy, technology, tourism and entertainment.