Shen Ke

Website Managing Editor

Snow again blankets city after one day reprieve

A yellow alert for ice on the roads is maintained in Chongming, Jiading, Qingpu, Minhang and Jinshan districts.

Internet watchdog shuts down 'fake news' WeChat account

The account, Shanghai Real Estate Trade Consultation Center, had been publishing fake stories that misled the public, causing harmful social impact.

Shanghai police nab man for online rumor mongering

A 33-year-old man has been detained for allegedly spreading an online rumor which claimed a 50-year-old man severely bashed an 8-year-old boy over a bus seat.

Chinese woman dies weeks after armed robbery in Pakistan

Three armed gangsters attacked a villa rented by a group of Chinese people in Pakistan's capital city, Islamabad, in December – a woman recently died from her injuries.

8 killed, 6 injured in bus-trailer collision on expressway

Two people died on the scene, while six were pronounced dead despite the efforts of emergency crews.

Rainbow road to help drivers down mountain

Somewhere over the rainbow, or at least somewhere on top of the rainbow road, drivers enjoy a leisurely and safe pace down from Jigong Mountain.

Child seriously injured by falling piece of glass

A kid was severely injured after being hit by a piece of glass that fell from a highrise building this morning in Putuo District.

Man's killing spree leaves three dead, four critically injured

Hebei police stop a knife-wielding man who killed three and injured a further three.

Woman sitting on boyfriend's lap fined, detained for driving without a license

Man teaching woman to drive by having her sit on his lap behind the wheel has license revoked, while his lover is fined heavily and locked up for 15 days.

Chelsea apologizes for Kenedy's offensive Instagram posts against China

Brazilian soccer player incurs the wrath of Chinese fans following offensive Instagram posts during the team's preseason game against Arsenal.