Shen Ke

Website Managing Editor

Man prosecuted for fatal knife attack

A Shanghai procuratorate has filed a case against the man who allegedly killed two boys in a knife attack in June.

6 killed in suspected arson: officials

Multiple spots where fire was started were found at the scene, and apparent wounds were also found on the bodies of the victims, suggesting possible murder and arson.

Qdaily ordered to shut down for a month

Without obtaining the qualification to run an Internet news service, Qdaily has illegally reported and forwarded news.

Ex-vice president of Shanghai Ocean University expelled from CPC, public office

Li Yanchen, 53, was found to have used his position to seek profit for others and took a "huge" amount of bribes.

4 injured after chopper crash-lands in Beijing

The civilian helicopter crash-landed in a parking lot in Naidong Village, Chaoyang District, at about 11am when it was flying from one airport to another.

Three former senior officials charged with graft

All of them were prosecuted on the charge of abusing power and public resources for personal purposes and illegally accepting large sums of money.

Court upholds death sentence, rejects appeal of arsonist nanny

A court in east China has rejected the appeal of a woman sentenced to death for starting a fire that killed four members of a family in 2017, it was announced on Monday.

Senior executive detained for making, spreading, profiting from porn videos featuring himself and over 100 women

The case is part of a campaign launched by the National Office Against Pornographic and Illegal Publications to fight against the spread of pornography.

Snow again blankets city after one day reprieve

A yellow alert for ice on the roads is maintained in Chongming, Jiading, Qingpu, Minhang and Jinshan districts.

Internet watchdog shuts down 'fake news' WeChat account

The account, Shanghai Real Estate Trade Consultation Center, had been publishing fake stories that misled the public, causing harmful social impact.