Shen Ke

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Feeling down? Welcome to the 'flattery group'

Money can't buy happiness, but it can at least buy a cheap compliment.

Chinese sci-fi writer Liu Cixin answers questions about 'The Wandering Earth'

Chinese writer Liu Cixin answers questions about China's first sci-fi blockbuster "The Wandering Earth."

PLA HK Garrison releases cheeky video featuring Peppa Pig

A Chinese New Year greeting video released by the People's Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison went viral recently, with netizens amused by its twist ending.

Quanjian boss detained following investigation

A total of 18 suspects, including the head of a Tianjin-based Chinese herbal medicine company, have been detained by police following an investigation.

Veteran Hong Kong actor becomes unlikely Santa Claus

Chinese netizens are posting pictures featuring an old man with a red hat and white beard to celebrate Christmas, but this time it is not quite the usual Santa...

Suspect in school killing suffers schizophrenia: prosecutors

Huang Yichuan was diagnosed with schizophrenia and had limited criminal capacity, prosecutors said.

42,307 evacuated as lake water rises

The municipal government of Changdu in Tibet said the water level has risen 57.44 meters with an estimated 469 million cubic meters of water storage as of 9am yesterday.

Former chairman of Shanghai Airport Authority expelled from Party, public office

Wu Jianrong was accused of violating frugality rules, taking bribes, seeking benefits for his wife's company, trading power for money and gifts, and hiding overseas deposits.

Man prosecuted for fatal knife attack

A Shanghai procuratorate has filed a case against the man who allegedly killed two boys in a knife attack in June.

6 killed in suspected arson: officials

Multiple spots where fire was started were found at the scene, and apparent wounds were also found on the bodies of the victims, suggesting possible murder and arson.