Tang Dafei

Art & Culture

Tapestry of time: weaving past and future

Woolen needlepoint tapestry is a kind of embroidery using colored wool to create patterns and designs in linen. Master Xu Fengying has been making this art for almost 58 years...

A journey home

It's Spring Festival, and a time for millions who work and live in Shanghai to return to their hometowns. Shine's photographers share glimpses of a million stories.
Art & Culture

The local man and his crusade to protect a vanishing art

Wang Shijun, the founder of Shanghai Arts of Lacquerware Museum in Minhang District, shows us around with a passion hard to hide.

The Temple of Old Books: A walk through Shanghai's secondhand book market

Paris has a famous old book market, and Shanghai does too. You'll find it when you enter the city center's only Confucius temple...
Art & Culture

Creating Virtue: The Story of the Thangka Painter

Thangka, a unique painting format featuring Buddha, deities and other religious symbols in Tibetan culture, is still practiced by some every single day.
Art & Culture

Stitches in time: the story of a tsa-tsa craftsman

Kalzang Bum says that temples are the spiritual home of Tibetans. But life is a journey for these traditionally nomadic people, and temples are not always to be found... 

An ordinary woman's journey and her prized treasures

This is the story of an antiques collector who found her true self on a famous Shanghai street. She has so far collected around 500 antique pieces, and counting...

Zhang Na: The clothing designer linking people and nature

For Zhang Na, Reclothing Bank serves as a connection between people and nature. She really hopes to arouse the consciousness of people and instill more of a respect for nature.

Live hard, work hard and dream hard: The story of Tang Xu

This is Tang Xu's sixteenth year in Shanghai. In 2001, Tang's father brought his whole family to Shanghai from Suqian in Jiangsu Province in order to treat his disease.

Zhao Tengfei: "Shanghai is a big city, I wanted to give myself a chance"

Chefs are an indispensable ingredient in our world, but what does it mean to be a cook in Shanghai?