Tang Dafei

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Master restorers: The husband and wife team bringing ancient art back to life

For his workmanship and devotion to preserving valuable Chinese art legacies, Li was among the first workers in the city honored with the title of "Shanghai Standout."

Creating cradle for world leading scientific and academic advances

Shanghai will improve its capacity for innovation as well as strive to become a global cradle for new academic ideas, discoveries, technical inventions and industrial advances.

Old and new combine as AI solves big city healthcare woes

With artificial intelligence, to see a "doctor" can become easier, all without sacrificing accuracy.

AI-equipped self-driving cars a spotlight at WAIC

Artificial intelligence-equipped self-driving cars have purred into the spotlight during the World Artificial Intelligence Conference yesterday.

Leaders in the world of artificial intelligence gather in Shanghai

The WAIC opened today in Shanghai, with the heavyweights of the industry gathering to discuss AI's profound impact on the world economy, social progress and people's daily lives.
Art & Culture

Li Jing and his wall of round fans

A wall full of round, hand-made fans, a big, wooden carving table and a traditional wooden Chinese weaving machine...

On the front line of medical emergency

A Shanghai Daily reporter spends a day with an ambulance crew, where a tense job is measured in minutes and performed against a backdrop of mitigating problems.
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Creative souls and the gurgling stream: an artist's life in quiet Longtan

Longtan Village is a place far removed from the superficialities that plague city living, where convenience stores are closer to a figment of one's imagination than reality. 
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In love with an ancient art

Qiao Mai, who is in her 30s, is one of the best-known Taohuawu New Year's print artists and considers the art form her Mr Right. 
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Childhood dream of becoming a wuxia hero realized, kind of

With childhood dreams of becoming a wuxia hero, Tao Mingxi soon realized he might need to adjust his goals somewhat.