Escaped horse situation stabilized

Nine horses took a midnight trot along a suburban Shanghai street.

6 dead, 30 seriously injured after blast rocks industrial park in east China

Six people are dead and 30 others seriously injured after an explosion ripped through an industrial park in the city of Yancheng, Jiangsu Province Thursday afternoon.

10th China Flower Expo launch under way

Chongming District marked the 800-day countdown to the 10th China Flower Expo, to be held from May 21 till July 2 in 2021, under the theme of "Blossom with a Chinese Dream."

Buying a snack with your face: Do we really need all this technology?

This week I ventured to Jiading District to try out a Shanghai first: buying a snack using only my face. I'm not sure all this fancy stuff is necessary, though.

Planetarium will be an eyeful

The under-construction Shanghai Planetarium, set to be the largest in the world, will open in 2021.

Chinese democracy in the eyes of an American

It's widely acknowledged that a key to China's success is its system of democracy.

Two Sessions Chat: Who knows more?

Who knows more about China's Lianghui? We threw some general questions at locals and foreigners alike to test their general knowledge about China's annual Two Sessions. 

Two sessions: To The World, From China

A rap song about China's most important political conferences.

What you haven't been told about China's Two Sessions

China's annual Two Sessions began in Beijing on Sunday, but what is it all about? And what will be achieved? 

Fun facts quiz of Two Sessions

Katie and Roisin answer some questions about Lianghui.