Wan Lixin

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Cutting red tape helps firms boost the bottom line

Shanghai has taken a number of measures to cut red tape and improve its business environment.
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Chinese vision of tianxia: a model for global peace and governance

It follows naturally that when discordance or disharmony occur, the impulse is not to lay blame on others, but to find fault in ourselves.
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Ruled by numbers and measures, we compromise our performance

Trying to force people to conform to pre-established numerical goals tends to stifle innovation and creativity – valuable qualities in most settings. 
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The melting pot of cultures and ideas that gives Shanghai its unique spirit as a city

The core of red culture, as we can see today, is concern about the people's happiness, national rejuvenation, and building a community with a shared future for mankind.
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Are we wasting time on schooling that won't prepare us for jobs?

The labor market doesn't pay you for the useless subjects you master; it pays you for the preexisting traits you reveal by mastering them.
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Shanghai is unique, and we are all part of it

Reform and opening-up, innovation and development ultimately boil down to satisfying people's aspiration for good life.
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It's time for gov't to hold tech companies to account over rumors and fake news online

It has turned out to be a false promise,with more and more countries in the West mulling stronger action against disrupting flow of rumors,fake news and improper information online
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China and the Middle East seek a new future together, building on past strengths

Leading experts and scholars from home and abroad gathered in Shanghai to explore opportunities and challenges in deepening cooperation between China and the Middle East.
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It's time to clean up the pollution out there clouding our cyberspace and choking us

Naming and shaming some culprits need to intensify, if you have any idea of the scale of the sink of iniquity hosted by unscrupulous online providers.
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Wasted money on grand schemes takes away the real meaning of what home is

Some grassroots officials characterize this upgraded version of image projects as 'borrowing money to buy luxury brands.'