Wan Lixin

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Waste not, want not: All across Asia, cities find new ways to deal with garbage

Environmental experts and journalists from Asia recently aired their views about best practices in solid waste management.
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Shanghai takes the lead in sorting out a sustainable future

President Xi Jinping, while visiting a community center in Hongkou District, commented that waste-sorting is a "new fashion." 

Chamber of commerce lets the sun shine on Hainan-Shanghai ties

The HCCS, launched on Tuesday, will also be a channel for exchange and cooperation between Hainan's many entrepreneurs in the Yangtze River Delta region.
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Rural tourism: Success depends on more than just green fields and a nostalgic idyll

As urban citizens escape the concrete jungle, there arises the issue of whether villagers are equal to the task of ministering to the spiritual needs of these alien urbanites.
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Living in the iron grip of our mobile devices

Compared with the brave new world behind the screen, the real world is boring, hard to deal with, and even intimidating ... 
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China-Africa ties example of mutual respect

For such economic contact to be sustainable, there should be concurrently an emphasis on cultural exchanges in the hope of attaining better understanding between the people.
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Hand in hand, China and Africa contributing to global agenda for sustainable development

China welcomes all developing countries to jump on the bandwagon of China's development in achieving common development and safeguarding regional stability and equality.
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The chilling story of the melting north calls for reflection, action

We are in the midst of an epic heat spell, with a warning that extreme heat will be more frequent, intense and prolonged with global warming.
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Tsai's illustrated edition brings to life the wisdom, humor, vivacity of Confucianism

This light-hearted treatment of the legacy of Chinese culture would also bring Westerners into contact with some of the fundamental concepts of Chinese attitudes and outlooks.
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Connecting us to nature by spending wisely

Our constant endeavor to affirm our social status through conspicuous consumption only makes us more alienated from people around us.