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SCO and the importance of Confucianism

President  Xi pointed out that Confucianism believes that "a just cause should be pursued for the common good" and champions harmony, unity and a shared community for all nations.
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At SCO, India will work with global powers in creating secure, stable, prosperous world

Building a community of shared future for mankind is not only Xi Jinping's vision or China's vision, but also the vision of India and all the civilized nations in the world.
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Isn't it time for a serious debate about our attitudes on dress, modesty and beauty?

As some netizens remarked in the wake of the incident, sometimes a little modesty or reserve shows the woman to advantage more than calculated exposure.
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Divorce test offers timely moment for self-reflection and contemplation

The aforementioned test could, hopefully, remind the couple that the sweet moments they have been so yearning for are nothing but the mundane trifles they have shared.
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Judicious use of the mouse will plot our path, for better or for worse

At a time when there seems to be no limit to the length some Internet trolls will go to elicit a reaction, the harshest penalty – financial or criminal – can be part of the answer.
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Hurry up and slow down: Life is all about a journey well traveled

The ceaseless struggle to keep up and surpass has taken its toll on human health. There is always the anxiety that someone will get ahead of us.

Cutting red tape helps firms boost the bottom line

Shanghai has taken a number of measures to cut red tape and improve its business environment.
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Chinese vision of tianxia: a model for global peace and governance

It follows naturally that when discordance or disharmony occur, the impulse is not to lay blame on others, but to find fault in ourselves.
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Ruled by numbers and measures, we compromise our performance

Trying to force people to conform to pre-established numerical goals tends to stifle innovation and creativity – valuable qualities in most settings. 
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The melting pot of cultures and ideas that gives Shanghai its unique spirit as a city

The core of red culture, as we can see today, is concern about the people's happiness, national rejuvenation, and building a community with a shared future for mankind.