Yao Minji

Chief Feature Reporter

New project on cultural activities to be launched for Shanghai residents

A series of lectures on topics related to Shanghai people's lives will be delivered by experts and broadcast live from Xinhua bookstores across the city.

Russian illustrator casts a spell over book fair

"Back when I was in animation, when the directors asked me to draw something glamorous or beautiful, they said it always ended up looking like either a soldier or a prostitute."

Spanish illustrator makes debut at Shanghai book fair

Shanghai Daily talked with the first-comer about his magic books, Chinese kids and his next drawings.

Harry Potter publisher picks Chinese novel

An increasing number of publishers around the world are taking an interest in books by Chinese writers and the recent Shanghai book fair brought many to the city.

Famed historian dies at 105

Liu Xuyi, a graduate of the University of Chicago, was an editor involved in producing the six-volume "General History of the United States."

China holds more and more trade exhibitions overseas

China held more than 1,500 conventions and exhibitions in more than 70 countries in 2017, up 5.8 percent from 2016.

Underdeveloped African nations get a go at the China market

According to China National Radio, about 30 of the 47 countries on the UN's least developed countries' list are participating in the import expo, many from Africa. 

Mexico's not just for avocados

Latin American country brings 65 companies to expo with around 50 of them new to China.

Zambia keen to open its doors

African nation looking for Chinese companies to help with its ongoing industrialization and rebranding.

Old friends aim to build on deep ties

Czech companies plan to co-build aviation radars in China, train Chinese pilots, and build a new Confucius Institute, under eight MOUs signed at the CIIE yesterday.