Yao Minji

Chief Feature Reporter

Jiang Wen says it's important for director to state attitude

Jiang Wen, chair of the jury at the ongoing Shanghai International Film Festival, led Monday's film festival forum "Filmmaking with Jiang Wen." 

The race is on to find TV co-production success

Foreign companies are eager to play their part in the world's most populated market.

Chinese tourists discover the fun of motor homes

Forget about booking hotels. Forget about worrying where to eat on the road. Chinese tourists are taking "home" along on a trip, catching up with a popular pastime in the West.

European authors have China stories to tell

Three writers who took part in the recent EU-China International Literary Festival talked to Shanghai Daily about their work and their impressions of China.

Israeli consulate awards winners of diplomatic gift design competition

The Consulate General of Israel in Shanghai celebrated the country's 70th birthday with an awards ceremony honoring the winners of the "Innovation Impression" design competition.

Publishing, education and film benefit from cultural branding

Shanghai is creating new calling cards in sectors that enhance its global stature in cultural-related industries. Online books and education are among the emerging powerhouses.

The angry young man returns

China's Bob Dylan will play Shanghai as he embarks on a three-city tour of the Chinese mainland.
Art & Culture

Consul General a witness to China's rapid progress

In his third mission to China, Dr Eyal Propper has high expectations of moving bilateral relations forward

Music festivals changing their tune

With more than 200 events a year, some Chinese music fans raise questions over quality, while others say that number is far from enough. 

After all, we are what we eat

Organic farms are beginning to take off in outlying suburbs of Shanghai as consumers seek safer, healthier food and farmers learn they can make money growing it.