Yao Minji

Chief Feature Reporter
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Song is in their hearts: Ethnic music of the Dong is lionized

The Dong Project, which started at the beginning of 2016, will conclude with an exhibition, two music albums and a journal of limited editions.

Stigma of being unmarried: Is it abating?

When working in Beijing some 10 years ago, American journalist Roseann Lake was shocked by the term shengnu, applied to women in their late 20s and older who aren't married.


Hello, Matti! Why are Finns such introverts?

Finnish graphic designer Karoliina Korhonen was puzzled and curious when she first learned her comic book "Finnish Nightmares" was well-received in China.

Liu Cixin's 'The Dark Forest' to premiere in Shanghai

"The Dark Forest," part two of Liu Cixin's international best-seller "The Three-Body Problem," has been adapted into a stage show and will premiere in Shanghai this month.

5G tech connects patients to practitioners

Two operations at Huashan Hospital were streamed in real-time through 5G, with a hospital director explaining the difficulties and highlights of the procedures on the spot.

Chinese novelists blossom late overseas

The Man Booker International Prize announced its long list of 13 novels recently, including Chinese novelist Can Xue's 2013 novel "Love in the New Millennium." 
Art & Culture

Director aims to take Chinese-Singaporeans back to their roots

Kuo Jian Hong has put together a classic Chinese text with contemporary rock music in a theatrical performance that has its Shanghai premiere tonight.

Jasmine Chen puts 'Crazy Rich Asians' on jazz stage

Jasmine Chen (Chen Yinxi) surprised herself by taking on the role of a jazz singer singing a famous old Chinese song in last year's surprise blockbuster "Crazy Rich Asians."

Foundations for a bright Sino-Slovak future

When Ivana Vala Magatova first came to China in 2002, the Slovakian insisted on a visit to Shanghai. 
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Award-winning violinist in Shanghai could lead to treble

Russian violin soloist Nikita Boriso-Glebsky has become one of the world's most eminent new-generation violinists since he won the International Fritz Kreisler Competition.