Yao Minji

Chief Feature Reporter

Book club celebrates its 5th anniversary

Interest in reading grows in Shanghai, thanks to events that have attracted authors and philosophers from around the world. 

'Wandering' gives sci-fi genre films a boost

"The Wandering Earth" may not be the best in the years to come, but it has all the highlights of a classy doomsday outer-space epic.

No holiday for Zhoupu's police

Family reunions must wait as officers make sure everyone else has a problem-free break during the Spring Festival. 

Cosmetic change in lucrative market

Domestic brands are estimated to have cornered between 30 percent and 40 percent of the market, thanks to online sales that have grown 10-fold since 2015.

Old people's home inspiration for Chinese writer's success

Tian Er become the youngest writer to get Lu Xun Literary Prize in 2007, at the age of 31. 

Scientist wins China's top award

Zhao Yuanfu is responsible for technique to protect made-in-China integrated circuits from radiation in space. 

Famed Taiwan essayist dies at 65

Renowned essayist Lin Ching-hsuan has inspired people across China with his enlightening works and Zen wisdom.

New book records stories from an ever-evolving metropolis

"Records of Shanghai" is an anthology of 40 short non-fiction pieces based on interviews with dozens of locals, who helped build the city's industries.

Celebrating 40 years with international trade in China

A reunion in Shanghai of the classmates who have cemented relations with foreign businesses for four decades marks the great progress of China's reform and opening up. 
Art & Culture

Holly Wang: British style made in China

The Chinese designer is winning fans around the world with her British/vintage-inspired Miss Patinia brand.