Zhou Yubin

Feature Reporter
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Oh là là, the Croisements Festival is back!

The 2019 Croisements Festival features a broad range of French-Chinese artistic encounters.

British-born Zizzi brings Italian dining to Shanghai

Zizzi, a British-born Italian restaurant brand, is bringing authentic taste of the Mediterranean to the Shanghai food scene this month.

China's refreshing gift to the world

Xihu Longjing tea is renowned for its beautiful flat and slim shape, green color, fragrant smell, clear tang (tea infusion) and slightly sweet taste.

Shanghai Museum looks east

Construction work on Shanghai Museum’s east branch will begin at the end of this month in Pudong. It will be more than twice the size of the museum in Puxi.
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Shangguan Wan'er: a woman of style and substance

Shangguan Wan’er (AD 664-710) influenced both the political and the literary world in the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-908) and was known as China's 'female prime minister.'
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Military prowess a strength of Huas

THE origins of the surname Hua have a few branches in different regions in China. 
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Top images from Istanbul Photo Award coming to new museum

A man is strapped in an airplane seat, but the seat is no longer on the airplane. 
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Face to face with visions of ancients

"These art treasures were created as a result of the transmission of Buddhism to China via the Silk Road. It was then spread throughout the Far East.
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Explorer lives life to the limit

In 1996, a research expedition led by Polish writer and explorer Jacek Palkiewicz determined that a small spring on Mt Quehisha in Peru was the probable source of the Amazon. 
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Forbidden City transfigured

Using digital technology, museum officials are now trying to give visitors a glimpse of what they might be missing.