Diverse Museums of Shanghai

Museums are the repositories of our accumulation of knowledge, creativity, customs and history. They miniaturize past and present worlds in exhibitions designed to inspire, intrigue, entertain and compel contemplation.

This museum gets our stamp of approval for sites worthy of a visit

The Baroque building housing the Shanghai Post Museum features a clock tower with the sculptures of three ancient Greek gods atop. In the middle is Hermes.

All aboard for a trip through the history of railways

The Shanghai Railway Museum takes visitors on a trip through 150 years of history, keeping alive a legacy of economic development and personal memories of a age of transport.
Art & Culture

A museum that resonates with history

China's musical history is bound up in ancient instruments with unique resonance. One museum takes you on a tour of this fascinating world of sound.

Children's museum explores depths and heights of the Earth

Who ever thought a museum could be so much fun? That's the whole point in capturing the attention and spurring the imagination of youngsters. 

All the ways we kept in touch

Remember the old rotary-dial telephones or sending telegrams? Our modes of communication have undergone great changes in the last century, and one Shanghai museum captures it all.

Chopsticks help define the culture of a nation

In a small private museum in Shanghai, a collector celebrates the everyday utensils that have fed Chinese for millennia.

Take a flying leap into the world of kung fu fighting

The Chinese Martial Arts Museum takes visitors on a whirlwind tour of kung fu history with its fascinating collection of over 2,000 items.

Bright and bold, posters capture a colorful past

A unique museum in Shanghai traces the history of modern China through the evolving poster art that reflected changing periods of social development.

Lights, camera, action! Projecting film history

China has a century-old "Tinseltown" of its own, all captured now in Shanghai Film Museum that traces the industry's legends and the evolution of domestic filmmaking.