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Dyson plans electric car by 2020

The UK appliance company is branching out into cars as the world moves to new-energy vehicles and green technology.

Dyson founder James Dyson has announced the company  plans to invest US$2.7 billion to develop an electric car. 

UK-based electrical appliances retailer Dyson is investing US$2.7 billion to develop an electric car, which it expects to be on the road by 2020.

"I believe that electric vehicles will solve the vehicle pollution problem," founder James Dyson said on Tuesday.

"Rather than filtering emissions at the exhaust pipe, today we have the ability to solve it at the source.

"We finally have the opportunity to bring all our technologies together in a single product."

Dyson is also building a team combining its engineers with talent from elsewhere in the automotive industry.

More than 400 people are now working on the electric vehicle project. The company is also going to recruit more people.

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