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Tesla responds to potential week-long freeze of production in Shanghai

Huang Yixuan
Rumours of a week-long freeze at the Shanghai Tesla plant are unsubstantiated, with the plant closing for routine maintenance ahead of the holidays.
Huang Yixuan

Tesla China responded to the earlier hearsay about a week-long freeze on production at its Shanghai plant.

A media report on Saturday first revealed that the plant suspended production, as it "cancelled the morning shift and told all workers at its most productive manufacturing hub they could start their break."

The US automaker then said as a response that the whole vehicle production in the Shanghai factory is carrying out annual production line maintenance work this week as planned, while the workers will also take a break during the production line maintenance after a year of hard work.

In addition, the workshop of Superchargers and some other workshops have not halted production, thus the media reports of the suspension are not entirely accurate, the company added.

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