L'Oréal chief shares warm wishes for 3rd CIIE

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jean-Paul Agon says the CIIE shows China's determination to fuel global development through openness and mutual benefit.

Dear Friends from China,

Time flies.

It’s just 50 days away from the opening of the 3rd edition of the China International Import Expo (CIIE).

The holding of CIIE as scheduled sends a clear signal to the whole world – a signal that China has recovered from the COVID-19 epidemic.

It also shows China’s determination to play a significant role in fueling global development with openness and a spirit of mutual benefit.

CIIE capitalizes on the opportunities created by our increasingly interconnected world.

Enhancing China’s relationships with the rest of the world not only promotes trade and collaboration. It stimulates the innovation that is essential to improving consumer quality of life and tackling global challenges.

In a world today where difference is often emphasized, CIIE offers a valuable platform for all participating countries and corporations to embrace diversity and explore, together how we can create and share a brighter future.

At L’Oréal, we have a long-standing mission, which perfectly aligns with the core value of CIIE. We call it “Beauty for All.”

We fully embrace diversity to ensure we respond to all beauty needs and aspirations throughout the world.

L’Oréal is committed to bringing active participation to the 3rd edition of CIIE.

This year, we will present our unique and diverse portfolio of aspirational brands, with over 100 new blockbuster products, and various cutting-edge tech innovations for Beauty.

Now more than ever, consumers recognize the importance of these higher-quality products, services and experiences.

You will also explore our leading practices as a good corporate citizen and a reliable partner to build a more beautiful, healthier, more inclusive, better-off society.

Following the success of the 2nd edition, we are sure the 2020 CIIE will be even better.

And we are very honored to be elected as the first rotating Chairman of the Enterprise Alliance Council, as well as the Chairman of the Special Committee for Consumer Goods Industry.

With a greater role comes greater responsibility.

That is why we aim to work with all like-minded friends, from alliance and committee members, from government institutions, from local innovators – no matter big platforms or startup fellows, and from consumers and the general public.

We want to foster a healthy ecosystem for good consumption, as we believe consumption is playing a more contributive role in improving people’s life, boosting business and economic vitality, and tackling our shared societal and environmental challenges worldwide.

And making people’s life more and more beautiful.

Nothing can change our confidence and commitment to a more open, inclusive, innovative, sustainable and responsible China poised to share a brighter future with the world.

During our 23 years in China, L’Oréal has witnessed its growth into an epicenter of technology and innovation.

And we sincerely invite you to join us in exploring and sharing infinite opportunities in China, with China, and with the world at CIIE.

See you soon!

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