CIIE a platform for medical equipment innovation

Ding Yining
Companies like Siemens Healthineers and Abbott are using the import expo to showcase their latest technological breakthroughs in the China market.
Ding Yining
CIIE a platform for medical equipment innovation

Medical equipment providers see the China International Import Expo an opportunity to further drive local innovation based on existing product and service offerings. 

Siemens Healthineers' 5G ultrasound solution debuted at the second CIIE last year. Since then it has brought other types of facilities to lower-tier regions and now some 100 devices cover more than 40 grassroots hospitals in Pengshui County in Chongqing.

"We view the 5G network connection as a part of our localization solution to suit grassroots demand and the rising digital wave and we will continue to localize new offerings," said Jerry Wang, president of Siemens Healthineers China.

"We'll continue to enhance local manufacturing, research and supply chain efforts here," he added.

It also plans to expand its Shenzhen plant and operation headquarters in Shanghai to respond to rising demand.

At the third CIIE, it will showcase computer tomography machines for fever clinics and mobile computer tomography facilities, which are both equipped with 5G modules. 

The China Society for Drug Regulation expects the market for medical devices to maintain an annual growth rate of around 15 percent and reach 1.09 trillion yuan (US$160.3 billion) by 2022.

First-time exhibitor Abbott will bring to the expo an upgraded FreeStyle Libre 2 glucose monitoring system and a mobile app designated to link with the system.

Customers can receive real-time alerts for unusual glucose levels on their smartphones through Bluetooth connection, which is currently going through regulatory approval in China. 

"It's our big expectation to quicken the introduction of new products through the CIIE," said Shawn Xiang, general manager of Abbott Diabetes Care China and Emerging Asia Region.

It has customized a previous version for hospitals to manage patients' glucose and will continue to optimize functions for local needs.

Fosun Health will also be back at the CIIE for the third year with a separate booth at the Public Health and Epidemic Prevention Exhibition Area.

It will bring cutting-edge medical devices like a handheld portable ultrasound machine by Butterfly Network Inc, in which Fosun Pharma invested a minority stake in 2018.

Also among its exhibits are products by overseas affiliates such as Breas Medical Group's non-invasive ventilators which were donated to the pandemic-hit Hubei Province and Neurologica's mobile full-body computed tomography scanner which offers high-definition imaging for better diagnosis. 

On the innovative drug side, Fosun Kite Biotechnology's new CAR-T cell therapy for Lymphoma treatment was accepted by China National Medical Products Administration in February this year and granted priority review status.

It's expected to be the first one to receive market authorization in China.

Globally only two CAR-T therapies by Novartis and Kite Pharma have been approved which used genetically engineered cells infused into the patient for cancer treatment.

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