China-US semiconductor working group launched

Zhu Shenshen
Group with 10 members from each country to meet twice a year to discuss issues affecting the industry that include export controls and trade restrictions.
Zhu Shenshen

A working group involving Chinese and US semiconductor industry associations has been founded to discuss issues such as “export control, industry chain supply, and security and trade restrictions.”

The group, which has 10 members from each country, will meet twice a year, the China Semiconductor Industry Association (CSIA) said. 

“It will establish a timely communication and information sharing mechanism for the semiconductor industries for both countries,” it said on its website. “It will promote deeper mutual understanding and trust through the working group.”

The first meeting will be held online. But there is not a set date yet. 

If the group works well, it may relieve strict US tech export bans on Chinese firms such as Huawei and SMIC, according to industry insiders.

The group will follow fair competition, intellectual property protection and general global trade rules to resolve the concerns of the Chinese and American semiconductor industries. It will make joint efforts to establish a robust and resilient global semiconductor industry chain, CSIA said. 

The counterpart of the Chinese association is Washington-based Semiconductor Industry Association. It hasn’t released any information about the working group. 

Following the announcement, chip shares surged in afternoon trading after a slump lasting several days.

Chip firms including STAR-listed SMIC, the Chinese mainland’s biggest chipmaker and AMEC, the top domestic semiconductor fabrication equipment maker, both jumped over 5 percent on Thursday. 

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