Shanghai to release local data usage policy

Zhu Shenshen
The new strategy will be based on a three-level rating system, which may become the basis for a national policy.
Zhu Shenshen

Shanghai will soon publish a data usage policy after hearing public submissions, to improve urban management and boost the city's digital transformation.

China is developing data rating and classification methods in line with coming data security and personal information laws to improve data usage efficiency and ensure data security, experts told a China Cybersecurity Week forum on Monday.

The city is going to release an official Shanghai data usage policy with 10 chapters and 91 detailed lines, with one chapter specifically on data security, Zhu Zongyao, chairman of the Shanghai Big Data Center, told the forum.

The government-backed center released a draft to hear public opinions.

Data has become "a new production factor, a basic and strategic resource."

With the new policy, Shanghai can manage public data resources from different bureaus in a unified network, Zhu said.

Through confirming "data rights" and how to use them, the policy will help the city improve digital management and boost innovation.

It solves problems such as poor data circulation and unclear rights and interests for related usage, experts said.

Seperately, a three-level rating system of data management – general data, important data and core data – may be adopted across China.

Each level has different usage requirements and permission conditions, said experts involved in drafting the law.

All policies and data usage will come under the Data Security Law and Personal Information Protection Law, which will take effect next month.

Shanghai police have dealt with 998,000 cyber virus cases so far this year and solved over 9,100 Internet crimes.

The police will strengthen technology and management to ensure a healthy cyberspace in Shanghai, officials told the forum.

The annual nationwide event is aimed at enhancing national cybersecurity and promoting a healthy online environment

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