CIIE in the eyes of globa CEOs | Seiko Epson: Showcasing efficient, compact and precision technologies

The global president of Seiko Epson, a Japanese company, invites Chinese consumers and merchants to visit Seiko's booth at the upcoming CIIE expo.

Editor's notes:

The China International Import Expo has become an annual event for many multinational companies to stage new products and services for China. It is also a stage for global business leaders to share insights that reflect the Chinese market from different perspectives. We have invited some of them to voice their opinions, which is to shed light upon the upcoming CIIE this year!

CIIE in the eyes of globa CEOs | Seiko Epson: Showcasing efficient, compact and precision technologies

Yasunori Ogawa, global president of Seiko Epson

Hello, dear friends, I'm Yasunori Ogawa, the global president of Seiko Epson.

It's our honor to join the 4th China International Import Expo this year.

Today, China has become the fastest-growing market for digital technology development and application. Moreover, China has always maintained an open and cooperative attitude, which has also allowed multinational companies to have more room to play in the Chinese market.

CIIE is a high-level window for China to open up to the outside world, fully demonstrating China's determination to open up collaboration and innovation.

For Epson, CIIE gives us great opportunity to show our corporate "sheng, xiao, jing technologies" (efficient, compact and precision technologies) as well as our environmentally friendly products/solutions.

Meanwhile, it is also an excellent platform for in-depth communication between multinational companies and customers. We hope that more Chinese customers can experience Epson's innovative technology and various products and solutions. Besides, we also hope to deepen the cooperation with more Chinese partners, have a deeper understanding of the needs of the China Market, so that we can help more Chinese customers in various industries and regions.

Last year, we exhibited six areas over 30 innovative eco products and solution in 600-square-meter booth in CIIE.

Among them, PaperLab attracted most attention, which was the epitome of Epson's eco-friendly concept and vision. CIIE also showed our determination to practice sustainable green innovation to more Chinese customers and partners.

CIIE in the eyes of globa CEOs | Seiko Epson: Showcasing efficient, compact and precision technologies

Toyoshina factory of Seiko Epson for projector & robot production

Nowadays, sustainable development has become a national development strategy of China. China aims to have carbon dioxide emissions peak before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060. At the same time, CIIE also emphasizes the transition to green economy.

Epson will continue commit on achieving sustainability and enriching communities, keeping it as a main development strategy.

This year, Epson released the Epson 25 Renewed Corporate Vision.

Epson will co-create sustainability and enrich communities to connect people, things, and information by leveraging our "sheng, xiao, jing technologies" and "digital technologies."

To achieve this goal, we will take three major initiatives: environment, DX (digital transformation) and co-creation.

Based on these three initiatives, we will also continue to innovate in five major fields: office and home printing, commercial and industrial printing, manufacturing, visual and lifestyle.

Environmental vision 2050 further specified the targets and directions of environmental protection.

Epson will become carbon negative and underground resource free by 2050 to achieve sustainability and enrich communities. To achieve the goal, we promise to reduce the environmental impacts of products and services in supply chains.

This time to participate in the 4th CIIE, Epson will not only fully display its technical strength, advantageous products and corporate culture to China and the world, but also use the 4th CIIE as a window to communicate with customers more extensively, further understand customer needs, and strengthen more comprehensive and in-depth cooperation with outstanding Chinese enterprises. Cooperate with China's innovation power to open a new chapter in China business.

You will see more than 20 innovative products and solutions which are based on Chinese customers' needs on the booth.

You are welcome to visit.

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