Hongqiao hub's CBD eyes high-quality development, unified national market

Huang Yixuan
The Hongqiao Central Business District, as the core area of the Hongqiao International Open Hub, will deepen high-level opening-up and help build a unified national market.
Huang Yixuan

Districts and areas encompassing the Hongqiao International Open Hub, which play various roles with specific functions, are all making efforts to further promote high-quality development.

The Hongqiao Central Business District, as the core area of the hub, will deepen high-level opening-up and help build a unified national market.

The CBD is currently insisting on multiple national strategies as a guide, devoting itself to serving the construction of a new development paradigm of "dual circulation," and enhancing the two-way opening-up to domestic and foreign areas in all aspects, said Bao Bingzhang, executive deputy director of the district's administrative committee.

The CBD will make every effort to build an agglomeration area of private enterprise headquarters and an industrial collaborative innovation center in the Yangtze River Delta region.

It is also pushing ahead the formation of regional integration of industrial clusters at a faster pace, and promoting the cross-regional distribution of high-end resources.

High-quality development

Focusing on high-quality development, the CBD will raise its capacity and level of high-end resource allocation. For instance, it is to take the initiative to attract enterprises of larger scale and capacity, increase efforts to introduce and cultivate high-level headquarters, and promote the upgrading of the headquarters economy.

It aims to accelerate the gathering of a number of professional service institutions with international service functions, and build functional platforms such as the Shanghai International Technology Exchange Market and the Hongqiao International Central Legal District at a high level.

To stick closely to internationalization, the CBD has pledged to throw its full support behind the globalization strategies of various enterprises. With the establishment of producer service industry functional platforms, it will offer more professional services to support all types of enterprises to "go out," and serve as an important channel and base for firms to branch out into overseas markets.

It is worth noting that in the CBD's strategic goals, developing a new function, namely "big sci-tech innovation," was added. This is in addition to the original "big transportation," "big exhibition" and "big commerce" functions.

The Hongqiao International Open Hub's Shanghai area has so far gathered 287 small and medium-sized enterprises specializing in niche sectors, accounting for 56.6 percent of the city's total, Bao pointed out.

It is also home to more than 14,000 scientific research and technical service enterprises, accounting for 17.5 percent of all enterprises in the districts, which is a proportion 3.4 times the city's average.

Seeing sci-tech innovation as an important engine to lead a city's development, the CBD will build more high-quality cooperation platforms, promote the establishment of important carrier platforms, including an international talent port, platforms with technology trading function, an intellectual property protection center, and a global digital trade port.

It will also expand the spillover effect of the China International Import Expo and the Hongqiao Economic Forum, continue to promote policy innovation, and provide more convenient innovation ecology, innovation services, and innovation factors, to help enterprises.

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