Digital and AI technologies to revitalize the decoration market

Zhu Shenshen
AI generated contents and 3D modeling allowing users to obtain customized full-house designs in as little as 10 seconds are highlighted at a forum on the house decoration industry.
Zhu Shenshen

Digital applications and innovations, covering artificial intelligence, online matching and 3D modeling, will empower the house decoration industry to obtain customers faster and optimize the supply chain, industry officials told an industry forum in Hangzhou on Tuesday.

Technology highlighted includes AI-generated blueprints and a system to draft customized full-house designs in just 10 seconds, the forum heard.

Digital and AI technologies to revitalize the decoration market
Ti Gong

Tubatu's chief executive Wang Guobin says digital and AI technologies will to reshape the industry.

"Now it's vital to reshape and digitalize the whole industry," said Wang Guobi, chief executive of Tubatu, a major online decoration service platform in China.

Facing challenges such as the pandemic and a cooling house market, the home decoration market had just passed a tough time, industry officials said.

But demand is expected to rebound in 2024 with supporting house policies in Shanghai and Beijing released recently and a growth in online consumption, Chen Sheng, director of the China Real Estate Data Academy, told the forum.

Last week, Shanghai and Beijing announced adjustments of housing policies, aiming to better address the need for both essential and improved living spaces, in response to the evolving housing demands of residents.

Tubatu said it has issued online and intelligent business process upgrades, covering design management, quality certification system, and pricing, design, purchase, onsite-management through BIM or Building Information Modeling, a 3D model-based tool. With the digital upgrade, its user base jumped 93 percent.

The AI-powered services also include digital avatars, AI-generated content spread 3.5 billion times online, and a new 3D Max house design system to offer blueprints within 10 seconds.

The forum was also attended by technical companies Huawei and Delixi Electric, offering digital and connected smart home networks.

Digital and AI technologies to revitalize the decoration market
Zhu Shenshen / SHINE

Huawei displays its optical network system used in house decoration.

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