Carbon footprint trial launched for enterprises

Hu Min
The city's market regulators say new tests on greenhouse gases will enable companies to improve processes to ensure more timely sustainable and green low-carbon development.
Hu Min

Shanghai has begun a trial of carbon footprint certification to fuel the objectives of sustainable development and carbon neutrality, the city's market watchdog announced at the International Carbon Neutral Expo 2024, which began on Wednesday.

Based on the trial, third-party agencies will test and verify the amount of greenhouse gases discharged by enterprises and issue certificates based on the results, according to the Shanghai Administration for Market Regulation.

This will produce reports tracking companies' carbon footprints during manufacturing, storage, transport and product circulation processes, the administration said.

The trial will help companies improve production methods and other plans to achieve a more timely sustainable and green low-carbon development, officials said.

Industries such as steel will be the first to be involved and the trial will be promoted to all industries in the city gradually, according to the administration.

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