JD Digits in partnership with GF Securities

Tracy Li
The digital technology company will provide the Hong Kong broker with intelligent customer services and back-office support while both explore further opportunities. 
Tracy Li

JD Digits has announced a partnership with GF Securities (Hong Kong) Brokerage Ltd with the the digital technology company providing intelligent customer services and back-office operational support to the broker.

Based on natural language processing, natural language understanding and other learning technologies, the smart customer service system can understand users' intentions and communicate independently in scenarios such as after-sales service consultation and public information consultation.

At the same time, the intelligent customer service system can connect with the broker’s internal information system, complete operations such as data queries, order processing and business handling, and improve service response capabilities and quickly solve customer problems, JD Digits said.

The two sides will further explore opportunities for in-depth cooperation in areas such as intelligent investment research and robo-advisers.

Formerly known as JD Finance, the Beijing-based digital technology company works to connect financial and physical industries with its core competitiveness in areas of data technology, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

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