Dishui Lake Emerging Finance Conference to be held in December

Li Xinran
The 2022 Dishui Lake Emerging Finance Conference will be held in Shanghai's Lingang Special Area early next month, with financial innovation and opening-up as a major theme.
Li Xinran

The 2022 Dishui Lake Emerging Finance Conference will be held in the Lingang Special Area early next month with an ambition to promote high-level opening-up of China's financial sector and a new brand name in the construction of Shanghai as an international financial center.

The theme of the conference is "New Journey of Chinese Path to Modernization • Financial Innovation and Financial Opening-up," according to a press release on Wednesday.

Based on the profound advantages of the Lingang Special Area in cutting-edge science and technology industries such as artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, intelligent new-energy vehicles, high-end equipment manufacturing, and further focusing on "finance, technology and openness," the conference will see the participation of officials of the government and financial regulatory authorities, well-known experts and scholars, and industry leaders.

As a "test ground" for China to promote high-level reform and opening-up, Lingang, with the Dishui Lake Financial Bay as the third pole of Shanghai's financial service industry, is constantly improving its ability to innovate in finance and serve the real economy, according to Sun Xiaohe, vice chief of the Finance and Trade Division of the Administrative Committee of the Lingang Special Area.

It is also accelerating the construction of a "special economic functional area" with more international market influence in the new journey of building Shanghai into an international financial center with significant global influence, and striving to become an important growth pole for Shanghai's economic development, Sun added.

The conference will include an opening ceremony and three symposiums. At the opening ceremony keynote speeches will be delivered on the theme of the construction of the Shanghai international financial center and the financial opening-up and innovative development of Lingang.

The Dishui Lake Financial Bay will be unveiled at the same time, together with a number of emerging financial achievements and the signing of major projects.

By developing the industry in an innovative way, Lingang will connect onshore and offshore finances and use the advantage of emerging financial sectors, such as fintech and technological finance, and innovative financial forms, such as blockchain, offshore yuan and cross-border capital pool, to bridge the domestic market and the rest of the world, according to Qian Jun, executive dean of Fanhai International School of Finance, Fudan University.

On the occasion of the third anniversary of the establishment of the special area, an action plan for accelerating the development of emerging financial industries in Lingang was released, proposing to build the Dishui Lake Financial Bay into a new high ground for emerging financial clusters, a demonstration site for financial technology development, a pilot field for matching with international rules, and a preferred place for financial talent from home and abroad by 2025.

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