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AI firm SenseTime working on tumor treatment

Zhu Shenshen
As China's "AI dragons" diversify, cooperation with medical firm Hygea looks at using AI technology in improving minimally invasive treatment for tumors.
Zhu Shenshen

SenseTime is cooperating with medical firm Hygea to adopt artificial intelligent technology for tumor treatment that is minimally invasive and avoids the risk of surgery, both sides announced in Shanghai.

SenseTime, with its smart health headquarters in Shanghai, is diversifying into industries such as medical and smart driving besides facial recognition.

The new AI-based SenseCare platform will cover the whole process of minimally invasive tumor treatment, with integrating image capture, 3D reconstruction, effect evaluation and surgery simulation planning. The AI-featured functions improve safety and reliability, ensure accurate needle insertion and reduce risks of injury and implantation during surgeries, according to the companies.

“With the partnership of AI pioneer firm SenseTime, we can develop a new-generation AI+ tumor treatment standard,” said Luo Fuliang, president of Hygea.

Hygea has just completed a new round of investment of 500 million yuan (US$77 million), according to media reports.

To build the city into a global innovation center, Shanghai has set up a blueprint to develop integrated circuits, AI and biomedicine as three strategic sectors. It is expected that AI industry revenue will double by 2025 in Shanghai from about 150 billion yuan in 2020.

China's “four AI dragons” — SenseTime, Yitu, CloudWalk and Megvii — are speeding up business diversification besides offering face recognition algorithms in airports, offices and stores.

SenseTime launched its automotive AI system during Auto Shanghai 2021 this month, covering autonomous driving, road vision and sensor systems, and intelligent cockpit solutions.

Shanghai-based Yitu is offering AI diagnosis services in hospitals for CT images, saving time for doctors and radiologists.

CloudWalk is tapping into smart city projects, which offers a “city brain” for urban management with AI technologies.

The "four AI dragons" are most promising private AI firms in China. Some of them are preparing to get listed on the STAR Market.

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