The making of a musical

The students of SUIS Pudong had successfully made the first SUIS Pudong original musical "Kitty."

It started with a crazy idea, a dream that seemed too big even for my head — an original play, written and produced by students. An idea quickly turned into action, and I started to write the script. My friend and an incredible musician, Dora Zhou was able to see potential and we decided to turn into a musical. 

We held an audition, with innocent six seventh grade students (most of them girls, there’s only one boy in the play), who weren’t even sure if the musical was going to happen. Rehearsals were chaotic. Some saw no future in the musical and left. In the end, we had 15 kids in a room confused about what they’re supposed to do. I was on the verge of giving up.

But then we saw the girls, working so hard, squeezing out time as they can to practice. The musical was no longer just mine. Things took a turn when more of my classmates joined to help us.

On the night of December 12, the curtains closed as the crowds cheered. The boys and girls screamed behind the curtains in joy, and that’s when I realized that we’ve made it.

(The article is contributed by Grace Schenkel, a Grade 10 student at SUIS Pudong.)

Isabella Zuo (left) and Jacqueline Wang perform at the musical “Kitty.”

The background music of the theme song “Kitty” resounded in the auditorium, echoing with the thunderous applause from the audience. As the lights gradually faded, I knew we’d succeeded. We had successfully made the first SUIS Pudong original musical. 

It was probably the most exciting day of my life. I can still feel the blood running through my veins and the taste of pride in my mouth. The whole project seemed to be an insurmountable task at the beginning when Grace first showed me her script for this musical. 

I have tried to write songs before, but none of them were completely finished. Therefore, when Grace showed me her ideas I indeed felt a heavy pressure on my shoulders. 

We started one by one, facing all the challenges with our inexperienced minds. First draft, second draft, third draft ... Honestly speaking, I was frustrated multiple times as my opinions did not agree with Grace’s. However in the end, when everything came together, I finally realized how this “pickiness” in music had led to our success. 

(The article is contributed by Dora Zhou, a Grade 10 student at SUIS Pudong.)

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