Students from around the country say it in French

Yang Meiping
Shanghai Jiao Tong University's "Cup of Excellence" contest, hosted by its Paris Elite Institute of Technology, attracted students from over 40 universities and high schools.
Yang Meiping

Students from high schools and universities around China gathered at Shanghai Jiao Tong University over the weekend to show off their French language skills in the second "Cup of Excellence" speech contest.

The competition, hosted by the university's Paris Elite Institute of Technology, attracted 109 students from over 40 universities and high schools in China in its preliminary session. It was the first time the event had contestants from high schools.

Fourteen university students and four from high schools made it to the final on Saturday and showed their eloquence in topics ranging from science innovation and global development to culture inheritance and innovation.

Hu Weiwei, the university's vice president, said that as China and France are celebrating the 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties, the event was a celebration of the long-lasting friendship and also an attempt to help cultivate more talents with international vision and cross-cultural communication ability to further promote the relationship between the two countries.

Frédéric Toumazet, French dean of SJTU Paris Elite Institute of Technology, said French is not only a tool for communication but also a bridge connecting cultures and a channel for promoting understanding.

"Eloquence is a basic skill in life, which can influence others, promote unity and overcome divergence," he said. "The excellent performance of the students proved that language acquisition and cross-cultural communication are the keys to a more harmonious future, contributing to international peace and cooperation."

Lei Xuanwu from Nanjing Foreign Language School won top prize in the high school student group and Feng Ziye from Shanghai Jiao Tong University won the university student group.

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