Focus on China in Cleveland

Eight Chinese artists will be on show during the FRONT International exhibition in the Ohio city from July 15.

“China Focus,” one of a series of events for FRONT International, will be unveiled at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland, on July 15. The eight Chinese artists are the Asian Dope Boys, Lin Ke, Cui Jie, Hao Jingban, Cheng Ran, Zhou Tao, Xu Zhen and Li Jinghu. 

“China Focus” will also include a dialogue between noted curators Pi Li with M+ Museum Hong Kong and Philip Tinari of the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing and a tour of a private sculpture park featuring a major installation by created by Xu Zhen.

“FRONT International: Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art,” a project running from July 14 through September 20, includes FRONT commissions and exhibitions that will activate unique and unconventional spaces throughout Cleveland, as part of “An American City,” spotlighting particular sites, buildings and locations that carry social and cultural significance in relations to Cleveland’s history and reality.

In these spaces, FRONT artists will unveil a range of projects, including site-specific works that engage the city’s rich identity while encouraging a broader contemplation of people and places among both residents and visitors, such as Cleveland Public Library and City Canvas.

Ti Gong

“In Course of the Miraculous,” created by Cheng Ran

Ti Gong

“Sea Breeze,” by Li Jinghu

Ti Gong

“An Atypical Brain Damage,” created by Asian Dope Boys

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